About Us

Drup is a web app to help you organize and search all your documents and web-based content in one place, no matter what 3rd party apps you use. You can use it just for yourself or together with your team, which is the way we focus on most.

We started as former coworkers who shared the same problem: how to stay organized and on top of all the different documents, data and pieces of team knowledge spread across the variety of work apps our teams used every day. 

Here's how our digital work life looked like: memos is Google Docs, designs in Figma, slides in Canva, task in Asana, bugs in Jira, code and implementation comments in GitHub, training materials in Lessonly, support tickets in Zendesk and so on.

We often asked ourselves the following:

- How do we keep track of everything we have for a single project?
- How do we make sure everyone on the team knows what else is out there?
- How can find what we need faster?

We couldn’t find an existing solution, and so we decided to build our own - Drup! It's for us and everyone else who wants to improve individual productivity (and sanity!) as well as team collaboration.

We officially launched Drup on Product Hunt in October 2020 and keep working on it since then.

Comments? Questions? Drup us a line at support@getdrup.com 🙂